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Chat Games

Welcome to the best online Chat Rooms with the friendliest chat hosts and the most exciting chat games. You can play for free and win cash while you chat – what more could you want?


First, you pick 5 consecutive numbers – eg: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, etc… Every time one of these numbers if called you’ll win £3 – and if all five get called you’ll land a full £20!

Risk it!!!!!

If you’re chosen to play Risk It your challenge is to pick the lowest ball possible – but it’s got to be higher than the first ball called in the next bingo game! The lowest correct call by the end of the hour wins £25!

Team Hi Lo

Each member of a team of four players needs to decide whether the first ball called will be higher or lower than the first ball of the previous game. If you’re correct you’ll add £1 to the end of game winnings!

99 or Bust

You’ll score the value of the balls as they’re called, and the aim of the game is to hit 99. Will you stick with the first ball for £5, or twist and risk it all for a £10 bonus – and if you hit 99 exactly and you’ll win £100!

Row Your Boat

Simply choose a row and if the first ball out is in your row you’ll win £10. The prize lowers by £1 a ball until one of your numbers comes out!

Bingo Bowling

If a number ending in zero is called out, you’ll score a Strike. Bowl one strike to win £2, a double strike gets you £4 and so on – and if you land seven strikes in a game you’ll win the £20 Grand Prize!

Hitch Hiker

If ball 51 - Flick of the Thumb – is called during the next game you’ll win £5. And if it’s not called, we’ll give you £10 for the cab home!

Heinz Variety

You’ll automatically win £5 at the start of the game, and then if Ball 57 gets called and you shout ‘Heinz Variety’ you’ll automatically win another £5!

Calendar Balls

If the month and date are called during the game you’ll see it doubled to £10, so for the 17th of March you’d win £10 if 17 and 3 come out!