Deal or No Deal Boxes

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Deal or No Deal Boxes

Deal or No Deal Boxes are now iconic the world over – a simple red box, with a question mark on the front, that contains a sum of money that could change your life!

Deal or No Deal Boxes

Deal or No Deal Boxes

In the olden days, the idea of owning or opening a Deal or No Deal Box was limited to a few people who were lucky enough to get on the show, but now the chance to negotiate with the banker over the contents of your own red Deal or No Deal box is available to everyone.

If you want the chance to own your own Deal or No Deal Box you’ll want to take a trip into our virtual Deal or No Deal studio by playing our Guaranteed Cash Deal or No Deal Instant Win game that ensures you a cash prize every time!

It’s easy to get your own Deal or No Deal box with our Deal or No Deal Instant Win game.

When you begin the game you’ll see a screen which contains 26 boxes – each one hiding a cash prize! You can make the prizes larger by upping your original stake. Your prize money could go up to £10,000 which is pretty exciting considering this is an instant win game with a Guaranteed prize every time.

To begin the game, simply confirm your stake selection by clicking on the Play button.

You’ll be asked to choose a single box from the shelves, that will be your box for the rest of the game and will contain the prize you’ll be dealing for. You then choose 6 boxes to remove before the banker will call and make you a cash offer for your box.

This is a real money cash offer and if you decide to accept it the money will be put straight into your bank account. Even at this early stage it could be well above your original stake – the top prize in this game is a times 10 multiplier so you could win a fiver even if you’re playing for 50p!

The real trick is picking the right Deal or No Deal boxes to remove. Whether you choose to remove unlucky numbers first, or just wander the mouse across the boxes clicking at random, you’ll eventually reduce your 24 boxes to just two boxes.

If you’re playing the Deal or No Deal slot one of your last two boxes might contain over a million pounds! Just imagine playing the game for an jackpot that could completely change your life.

Imagine playing Deal or No Deal with a million pounds hidden in one of the Deal or No Deal boxes. Just imagine that box opening up to let a seven figure sum loose – a seven figure sum that then gets transferred from the Deal or No Deal box and into your bank account.

So don’t miss this chance to own your own Deal or No Deal box when you join us for one of our exciting Deal or No Deal games – the million pounds could well be in your lucky Deal or No Deal box!

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