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World History of Bingo

World History of Bingo

The origin of Bingo can be linked with a game that is called Lotto. Italians played Lotto very first time in 1530's. In Italy, even today Lotto is played every Saturday but now it is known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia. Modern online bingo game is a refined form of Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia. With the passage of time, Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia grew in popularity and as result this game migrated to other European countries also.

World History of Bingo

People in France started playing this game with some variations in late 1770's. This was another widely accepted version of the bingo game. In this version 90 balls and cards were used and the winner had to complete the line of numbers on his card first of all.

In the past, bingo games passed through many transformation phases. Some of these were structural transformation phases while others were cultural.

With promulgation of 1968 Gaming Act, bingo rose to new heights of popularity, but the most revolutionary phase was its transition to internet around 8 -9 years ago. The transition process from bingo rooms to online bingo sites is a significant development in bingo games history. Online bingo gaming became available for the people in 2002. Online bingo expansion continued with the expansion of Internet.

Online bingo changed the original face of bingo as it used to be. Online Bingo isn't the same as was played in small, crowded, smoke filled bingo halls. After having Internet facility, people of age started to enjoy this exciting game from their offices or in the comfort of their homes. Seeing its popularity and wide acceptance, professionals devised many ways to use it as an educational tool also. Today Bingo is also used to teach children mathematical figures and spellings.

Gradually, online bingo games sites started to create a sense of community and prestige in many ways. Chat function of online bingo games was another mile stone in the history of bingo games. Introduction of chat function in online bingo games allowed the players to expand their social circle. You can enjoy the bingo games whenever or wherever you want. Some times back bingo players didn't have options, but now, online bingo games sites offer wide range of options to choose from.

First of all online bingo rose to the heights of popularity in United States but after some time UK overtook US in this regard. Today, online bingo has become multi-million pound industry in UK only.

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