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Women Bingo

Women Bingo

Women play bingo much more than the perceived retired men do. The ease and comfort that a short game of bingo offers these ladies in their hectic work and home lives, attracts them to the online bingo. Several winner stories will show that lady luck is extremely kind to these ladies and women take home jackpots of various amounts.

Women Bingo

Statistics prove that over 65 % of bingo players are women. In fact most online bingo providers target women between the age of 35 and 54. The chat rooms in these virtual bingo halls also show that the most of the participants are women. Women have contributed immensely towards the popularity of bingo and even more towards the success of online bingo.

But what makes women play bingo more than men? Men are more prone to gambling than women are, so then why does the trend reverse itself in bingo. Bingo was spared the stigma associated with gambling since the game was used at churches to promote fund raisers. It is due to this that women find it easy to associate themselves with the game and partake in it without much hesitation. Also since bingo is a short and easy game to play, women find it very relaxing. Men on the other hand draw their adrenalin from more complicated games like say, poker. Women play bingo more than men do since the game is much more conducive to their feminine nature.

After the advent of online bingo, women bingo players found it much more easy to enjoy the game. Be it in the comfort of their homes, in between home chores or while taking a break at office, online bingo provided the perfect balance between relaxation and excitement for these women. There are women who today schedule their day's activities around online bingo games. Late night bingo games and afternoon online bingo traffic is highly frequented by ladies. These women play bingo both for the social interaction and the prize money involved.

Be it small jackpot wins or large ones, women see these jackpots mostly as a means to provide small joys to their families. Specially women who are home makers and therefore do not have a salary, find that they are able to enjoy their wins at online bingo sites greatly. So popular is the love of bingo amongst ladies that it is one of the most highly played games in women oriented get together.

So here's wishing these lovely ladies play on and enjoy bingo to the utmost.

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