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Types of Bingo

Types of Bingo

Bingo originated as a simple game of numbers placed on a ticket. Once the pre decided pattern was struck off by one of the players the game was won. But over the years adaptations of the game came into being and the end result was the several variations that were introduced to the game of bingo. Variations in bingo are a matter of personal choice and therefore can be introduced at any time. However there are a few types of bingo that have become more popular than the others.

Types of Bingo

Full house - This type of bingo follows the more traditional 75 ball bingo pattern. All the numbers of the ticket must be struck off by the player in order to win the game. This of course allows only one winner to emerge at a time. The player therefore also has only one chance of winning on one ticket.

Lines - This is the traditional 90 ball bingo pattern that is more common in UK. It allows three chances of wining and as each line of the ticket is struck off a winner emerges. Such a pattern does allow at least three wins per game and therefore does offer more chances of wining. It is also a longer game as compared to the full house mentioned earlier.

Corners - Here the players' play the corners, once these have been struck off the next outer comer is played for and eventually a complete blackout. Once more this pattern also allows for three wins per game.

Odd/ even - Here either the odd numbers are called out or even ones. Depending on this the players strikes out the numbers and moves towards a win. Of course players do not have the liberty of choosing their cards here and only sealed tickets are handed out before the game begins.

Bonus games - These bingo games are not a played by everyone but are offered as bonus to the players. If the players wish they can take part in these and increase their chances of winning.

Pattern games - Here the pattern of the numbers to be marked off on the ticket is pre decided. Once the tickets are bought, the players move towards striking off in accordance to this pattern so as to win at that game of bingo.

Pre called bingo - For this type of bingo too, the tickets sold are sealed. Here a few numbers are pre called even before the game begins, while others are called off in the more traditional way after the game starts. Of course there are many more variations that can be made up, depending on personal preferences. The idea behind these variations is to simply add flavor to the already great game of bingo.