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TV Bingo

As gambling laws relaxed, in came bingo. It spread like wild fire, giving a lease of life to the large abandoned movie and dance theatres. These were converted into bingo halls and members flocked by the thousands to play bingo. Then came along the online bingo wave! Internet users were able to play the game in the comfort of their homes conveniently. The smoking laws added greatly to the popularity of online bingo which took on humongous proportions.

Inspired by online bingo and wanting to ride the bingo craze themselves, TV producers came up with the idea of TV bingo. Here the player plays against a live studio audience which the player is a part of too. The rules of TV bingo remain the same as traditional bingo. The idea is to strike off the numbers on the bingo ticket provided before any one else does. Everyone has a ticket and they all play against each other.

Of course such a game does sound boring. Numbers called out repeatedly while the studio audience sits in silence striking them off on their cards, is not much fun for the viewer. Therefore the need to make TV bingo interesting for both the studio audience and the home viewer gave birth to several variations of the game. Some of the tricks adopted by TV bingo organizers are discussed below-

  1. Jackpots - Like all other bingo games, TV bingo also adopts the jackpots as the ultimate player attraction devise. The prize money for these jackpots is large and keeps the players excitement on the higher side. The anticipation of winning the TV bingo jackpot keeps the audience glued to the show.
  2. Variations - Apart from simply calling out the numbers and the player striking it off on the ticket, TV bingo producers add variations. A player maybe asked to guess if the upcoming number will be lower or above a particular digit. On getting the answer right, an extra prize will be added to the players' booty.
  3. Interaction- To keep the interactive aspect of bingo alive, TV bingo producers adopt techniques like live phone ins, letters from home viewers, conversations with the studio audience. Over and above this melodrama is included by showing the poignant relatives wishing the contestant well, or the contestant playing for some great cause.
  4. Whatever be the case, TV bingo still has a long way to go if it has to catch up with traditional bingo halls or online bingo organizers. Most of these TV bingo acts are still limited to Saturday night show slots where not much else seems to be showing in any case.