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Online Bingo Jackpots

As the smoking ban came into full effect, the already popular online bingo trend went on a complete skyrocketing high. Online bingo sites today have a highly increased traffic and this automatically affects their bingo jackpots too. As the members of these online bingo providers increase, the jackpot amounts also rises. Promoters are able to add to the online bingo jackpots since their revenue generation has also increased. Indeed it works out as a win-win situation for both the online bingo promoters and the players. These online bingo jackpots allow the players to play in the comfort of their homes without bothering with travel time. Several jackpots can be played for at one go and this increases the chances of a win. Online bingo has therefore completely taken over its real world counterpart.

Online bingo jackpots today form an integral part of some of the largest bingo jackpots going around. A few of the popular and much desired online bingo jackpots are discussed below.

  1. Jackpotjoy bingo - This is one online bingo provider that has carved a high place for itself in the online bingo industry, especially due to its online bingo jackpots offer. The online bingo site has success stories that compare with rags to riches tales. Several winners of the online bingo jackpots on the site have taken home thousands of pounds as jackpot prize money.
  2. Mecca bingo - This is another online bingo provider that offers several online bingo jackpots for the benefit if its members. Here too the jackpot is assigned to a particular day of the week. Some of the winners of Mecca bingo have taken home up to a million pounds as prize money. Several bingo players all over the globe wait for the jackpot day of the week so that they can try their luck while playing for the online bingo jackpots offered by the site.
  3. Gala bingo - Gala bingo offers its members the opportunity to play for the linked game jackpots. These online bingo jackpots can be played everyday at a specific time. This allows the online bingo players to play for jackpots everyday without having to wait through the entire week.
  4. While there are several other bingo sites that offer rather large bingo jackpots, the basic formula for all of them remains the same. The larger the membership of a site, the more the chances of the bingo jackpot number going high.