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Number of Perople who Play Bingo

Number of Perople who Play Bingo

Without a doubt, bingo is one of the most popular games in the UK, not only in the online bingo market bust also including land-based games that are held every day of the week with the exception possibly of Christmas Day. Gambling in the UK and particularly in the form of bingo only really took off in the 1960's with the promulgation of the Gambling act of 1960 and 1968 respectively, thereafter the bingo explosion started and the 1970's and 80's were known as the golden years of bingo. During this time there was a growth in the affluence of middle class people as well as a growing awareness of liberal social values that fueled the popularity of the game of bingo throughout the middle class.

Number of Perople who Play Bingo

Playing bingo has established vital social interaction to working class people and in this respect the industry has shown a marked growth pattern and it has been established that worldwide at least 60 million people play or have played the game of bingo, be it the land based game or online. When we are concerned with the UK market it is estimated that 55 - 65% of the entire population have at some time played or do play either online or land-based bingo and that at least 8% of the population are very regular bingo goers and as many as 3 million people have claimed to be playing the game at least twice per week. The generally believed concept behind the popularity of the game in the UK is the social interaction as well as the fact that the game is so easy and if you are really lucky, huge and life changing sums of money can be won.

Although it has been believed in the past that bingo is only a game for pensioners, this concept is fast fading into obscurity, with the advent and growth in popularity of the online version of bingo 25% of UK players have been found to be under 35 years old and they are getting younger by the years, this also bodes well for the land-based bingo industry in that many online players have their confidence boosted and will try out a game in the land-base bingo clubs. There is also that much coveted age group that all online bingo operators would like to lure into their clubs, the 18 and upwards, and these are also enjoying playing bingo more so it is just a matter of time with the correct advertising campaigns in place and they too will be hooked on the game like all of us.

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