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Largest Jackpots ever won on Bingo

The jackpots of both online bingo and regular bingo games attract millions of players. The desire to win the largest jackpots ever won on bingo acts as a magnet for regular players who often travel to distant places so as to be able to partake in the jackpots of these bingo games.

The jackpots of bingo also act an effective bingo promotion gimmick. Several bingo providers use the jackpots as special attractions, which are propagated to attract more than the average number of players. So while jackpots are defiantly advantageous to the bingo players they also serve the bingo organisers fully.

Some of the largest jackpots ever won on bingo are listed below -

  1. £1.1 million pounds - One of the largest jackpots ever won on bingo has been the 1.1 million pound jackpot. The prize was won by Christine Bradfield who is a 53 year old grandmother amongst other things. The lady won the Sunday night special jackpot that is played in over 470 clubs. It was National Bingo games platinum prize that was won in the Castle Club in Merthyr Tydfil and shocked Christine. Though the lady does say that this definitely does not translate into a life of leisure for her, she is looking forward to a lot of shopping.
  2. 1,000,000 USD - Lady Luck seems to be favouring the ladies. The million dollar bingo jackpot organised by Planet Bingo was also won Karen W in Potawatomi casino in Milwaukee. The lady travelled all the way to enjoy a game of bingo and came home with one of the largest jackpots ever won on bingo. She was so surprised that she collapsed into her son's arms after the wheel stopped on the million dollar mark. Needless to say, it has been a life changing experience for the lady.
  3. £99,342 - Jackpotjoy bingo organised its major online bingo jackpot that was won by a young fellow by the name of Stephen J. from Northumberland, UK. Despite his mother having won an online bingo jackpot lately too, the family got lucky once again. Classified as one of the largest jackpots ever won on bingo, this jackpot was definitely a greatly awaited one and has the winner in high spirits.

Bingo jackpots irrespective of whether they are the largest jackpots ever won on bingo or smaller ones attract several players and do add that extra spice to the game of bingo.