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Largest Bingo Games

Largest Bingo Games

Bingo is a game that attracts a great number of players across the world. Be it online bingo or real world bingo, there are millions of people who play the game religiously. The ever increasing popularity of the game of bingo has resulted in the prize money of the game getting larger each passing day. The largest ever bingo games being played today have their prize money going into several thousand pounds and players flock to these games in large gathering in the hope of wining these grand prizes.

Largest Bingo Games

The largest ever bingo games played in UK have the dual advantage of offering the players a super bonus prize and an arena to meet several other players at the same time. Be it online bingo or the real world bingo, the social aspect of the game does influence the players' choice of bingo providers. Below is an assessment of some of the largest ever bingo games being played. Most of these are online bingo games and this clearly shows the movement of bingo lovers towards online bingo providers.

Mecca monster - Mecca bingo has announced a phenomenal 100,000 pound Mecca Monster bingo game. It is said to be amongst the largest ever bingo games organised all over the globe. Winners of regular full houses will get a free 3 pound ticket to participate in the Mecca monster game. The organisers hope that the game will attract thousands of players so that the bingo game will go down in history both in terms of prize money as well as participants.

Gala bingo - The largest operators of bingo in UK is the gala club. The organisers have created a niche for themselves in the online bingo arena too. Gala bingo is known as one of the largest ever bingo games organisers and over 5 million players form a part of the organisation. The bonus rounds go up to several thousand pounds while even the regular games have high prize monies allotted to them.

Jackpotjoy bingo - Another prominent large online bingo game organiser is Jackpotjoy bingo. They have a humongous 30,000 pound jackpot prize which can be won every Friday. The site has promoted the largest ever bingo games in the past few years and has therefore been able to carve a place of distinction in the industry.

The games listed above are few of the largest ever bingo games organised in UK. Since bingo is a game of high social interaction, over and above the prize money of these games, the large count of members also contributes immensely to their popularity.

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