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Keno is a lottery style game that actually quite closely resembles the game of bingo; it is imported from China and also involves the use of a numbered ticket and numbered balls marked from one to eighty. Keno can be played online and also in casino's and the object of the game is to choose numbers that will match the twenty numbers that are drawn for each game played. As there are eighty numbers involved it is generally quite easy to choose at lease eight to ten numbers that match the numbers that will be drawn.


The player places a bet on the ticket and then when the numbers are drawn, depending upon what was bet on the ticket, you may win a prize that is proportionate to the bet placed on the ticket. The more number that you have guessed correctly sends your winnings up proportionately and it is quite possible to win large amounts of money from a very small bet, much like in the game of bingo or in the lottery. Combinations of numbers may be played on the ticket just a straight eight or ten. The point of the game is that there is not skill employed, simply the use of your intuition to try and guess what numbers may come up in the draw. Some players do have lucky numbers that they ensure they play on every game, while other just use the quick bet facility whereby the machine randomly chooses the numbers for them.

Other popular combinations are to choose the corner numbers on the ticket or to even play a straight row of number it does not really matter though as the game is one of pure luck and anything can happen. Many people have won by simply playing the numbers of their birth date or anniversary.

Basically Keno is a game of luck that can be played for a relatively low price and with very little imagination or concentration involved, much like the slots are played when taking breaks between bingo sessions, it does not take much of your attention and you can sit in the casino or online while eating your dinner or breakfast and indulge in a game that could win you a great deal of money. Although you need to check with the online Keno site or casino what the house edge is in order to see if it is worthwhile playing your numbers on Keno.

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