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Jackpotjoy - Bingo Chat Rooms

Online bingo chat rooms have been called the heart and soul of an online bingo site. Jackpotjoy is no exception to this rule. When you think about it logically an online bingo site would be nothing without chat rooms and chat games. These are basically the glue that welds the communities at online bingo sites together. Without these communities there would be no one playing bingo and the social aspect of playing bingo would go right out the window. Hence the need for vital chat rooms hosted by interesting chat hosts who keep you entertained with chat games.

Jackpotjoy have two of the most interesting chat hosts in online bingo today. My personal favorite is Bingo Nana. She comes online in the morning on a Thursday at 11am. She also comes up with some of the most innovative ideas for prizes and promotions. One recent competition saw her looking for a new pet, so she had her online bingo chat room buddies send in photos of their favorite pet, the one she liked the most won a prize of £200 in cash. Unfortunately, when last I checked, the competition had closed but she still hadn't made a decision who her pet was going to be, so I am waiting with baited breath to find out what pet is going to be accompanying Bingo Nana on her Thursday 11pm chat room show.

The other bingo chat room personality at Jackpotjoy is Miss Moneybags, Miss Moneybags basically gives away money. Who doesn't like a bingo chat room host who gives away money? She visits online on Wednesdays between 5pm and 6pm and just hands out cash prizes, each person in the online bingo chat room that Miss Moneybags calls on receives £5 free, and they also receive an entry into the competition to guess the price of a mystery prize. The winner is the online bingo player who guesses the closest to the actual price. They win not only the prize but also and additional £100.

With online bingo hosts like this on their staff, Jackpotjoy has the edge over other online bingo sites. They are entertaining and innovative, and it is no wonder that this UK online bingo site has such a strong community base.