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Bingo Word Cards

Bingo Word Cards

Bingo is a game that is usually associated with the act of gambling, but this is not entirely true. While the game did get promoted as a fund raising or profit making activity, it was also adopted to teach several complicated strategies of mathematics and languages. Even today bingo word cards are used by several educationists as tools to teach their students language skills.

Bingo Word Cards

Just like the original game of bingo, bingo word cards also can be created in variations. They follow the 5x5, 75 bingo ball game ticket pattern along with a 3x3 and 4x4 setup. Depending on the requirement of the teacher, a particular style can be selected. Bingo word cards can be created according to age appropriateness and even specific themes. The ease that bingo word cards offer the teachers is one of the main reasons for the rise in their popularity. Such cards can today be created easily on the internet too, so one does not need to go insane creating variations for different students. Given these advantages of bingo word cards, it is no wonder that they are considered such effective tools in teaching languages.

But how exactly do these bingo word cards work? The rules of bingo word cards are more or less on the same pattern as the number bingo game. Students need to cross off the matching words on their ticket and once this is achieved, the game is won. While this is simple enough, one might wonder how it is effective as a teaching tool. Visual strategies are much more effective than verbal ones and the bingo word card adopts this policy. When students see the words instead of simply hearing them they are able to put an image to it and therefore chances of remembering the word is heightened. Also instead of being a mundane mugging experience, bingo word cards help convert the learning process into a game, which the students absorb much better. This facilitates in the students understanding of the lesson at hand.

Bingo word cards, picture cards and number cards have been adopted by several teachers to form a part of their teaching plans. Students can be involved in the making process of these cards or in the software available on the net can be used for this purpose. In either case these bingo cards help in the learning process tremendously over and above being a fun activity to take up.

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