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Bingo Tips

Bingo is a game of chance and therefore most players believe that luck is the only one tool to be armed with when playing bingo. But this is not completely true. Bingo like any other game has its tips and strategies and practicing these will help increase the chances of a win.

  • Avoid rush nights - Weekends and holidays usually attract a lot of player traffic and therefore the chances of winning are diluted even further. So if keen on winning the game more than the social interaction that bingo halls and clubs provide, try and play more on the slower days. The law of averages proves that the fewer the players, the more the chances of winning at bingo.
  • Come in early - If you come in before the crowd does, you will be able to buy the tickets of your choice. Try and pick tickets with lower numbers (especially in the 75 ball bingo game). In sessions like coveralls, chances of drawing numbers in succession are very high and so picking out cards which have such numbers can increase the chances of a win.
  • >Too much of a good thing- Buying too many bingo cards is not a good idea at all. If you buy more tickets than you can keep an eye on then, in all probability you will loose track of the game. So even if the organizers offer a play all you can deal in X USD do not take on more cards than you can handle.
  • Use dabbers - Instead of marking off the numbers with plastic chips or beans like the olden days, use dabbers or pencils. Chips could move around and you might make a wrong win call. A pencil has the ability to allow the checker to read the number clearly along with ensuring the permanency of the crossed out number.
  • Follow etiquettes- Bingo is social game and if you are to enjoy it, do ensure that you follow etiquettes. Etiquettes help cultivate a positive feeling which helps increase concentration on the game. A higher concentration increases the chances of wining the game.

Keeping these few tips in mind will go a long way in wining in the game of bingo. The basic idea is to increase the concentration in the game which will immediately translate into increasing the conversion of the game into a win. So here wishing you all the best and hoping that you enjoy playing the game as much as you enjoy wining it.