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Bingo Shapes

Bingo Shapes

Bingo is evolving and so is the fun associated with it! Every new evolution has bought new charm in the game. The game is has taken new shape: The Bingo shapes, a game requiring skills and ability to compete with the best. Moreover Bingo shapes itself has evolved to attract kids and women into the alluring world of Bingo.

Bingo Shapes

To win a jackpot in Bingoshapes, your adroitness will require you to complete the shape being displayed on the board by matching the numbers on your card with the numbers that are being called. The first player who completes the shape will hit the jackpot. But the skill level required will be high as you will be having three different Bingo cards which you can play in Bingo shapes and you will be matching the numbers on these three cards to form the displayed shape at the same time.

A Bingo card generally has a 5x5 numbered grid. The columns of this grid are denoted by letters of the word BINGO. Each column has 5 squares which are randomly numbered. Column ‘B’ has numbers from 1 to 15, randomly distributed while column ‘I’ has numbers between 16-30, Column ‘N’ with numbers between 31-45, column ‘G’ with numbers between 46-60 and column ‘O’ with numbers between 61-75. You should be sure that you mark the centre square of the grid which does not contain any number.

Numbers that appear on the ball chute after rolling out will be called and players have to mark these numbers on their respective cards. Called numbers are listed on the board for future reference.

So, to hit the jackpot in Bingo shapes you will have to match a particular shape for that round that is being displayed on the board. Each round generally contains different number of balls that are called, which mainly depends on the shape.

You hit a Bingo when your card matches the shape being displayed. Once a player calls a Bingo, other players are given few seconds to check whether they have also matched the required shape and are eligible for a valid Bingo. In case where more than one player hits Bingo, the jackpot amount is equally divided among them. But be prepared as there may be certain instances where no one will be hitting Bingo but the jackpot amount is added into next round to increase the booty.

Bingo shapes has led to evolution of many other games especially designed for kids and women. Kids find Bingo Shapes very interesting as the Bingo cards in their case consist of many pictures and colours. Bingo shapes has also led to the evolution of many educational games designed on the themes of games to improve mental level of children.

So here a game with jackpot in his hands and some values on his back, yeah the Bingo shapes.

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