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Bingo Rules

Bingo Rules

Bingo, housie or any other name that this game is popular by, is an easy and simple game to play. But this does not mean that it has no rules of its own. Like all other game, bingo also has certain fixed rules that the game is played in keeping with. On the other hand due to several variations being introduced to the game from time to time and place to place, there are also a few bingo rules which are not that rigid. Of course these rules apply to online bingo too.

Bingo Rules

We shall discuss the bingo rules that are common to both the 75 ball game as well as the 90 ball game bingo. This means that more or less the entire globe is covered.

  1. Each player buys at least one ticket. If the player wants he/ she can play with as many tickets as he/she likes. However, each ticket is an individual game and cannot be combined with any other ticket.
  2. A 75 ball ticket is divided into a 5 x5 grid and has numbers printed in random on the ticket. The center cell is free. For a 90 ball bingo, the ticket has three rows and nine columns with a few spaces left blank while others have random numbers in them.
  3. There are 90 (or 75) balls with one number printed on each ball. So there are numbers from 1 to 90 (0r 75) on these balls. These balls are spun around and a particular ball is randomly chosen. The number on this ball is called out by an announcer.
  4. If the player has the number on the ticket then he/she strikes it off. This process continues until the pre decided pattern is struck out by one of the players.
  5. The player to strike off the pattern before any other is the winner.
  6. The player must call out bingo on striking off the last number of the pattern immediately before the next number is called out. If he/ she fails to do so then the game moves on till another correct bingo call is made.
  7. Making a wrong or bogey call will result in the player having to forfeit the bingo ticket, while once more, the game continues till a real call is made.

These are the basic bingo rules, no matter where it is being played. As variations are introduced to the game so are the rules for these variations. However, the above mentioned rules stay constant and bingo players all over the globe must follow them.

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