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Bingo Promotions

Bingo Promotions

Bingo promotions form a large part of the advertising gimmicks for the game. Due to ever rising competition amongst the bingo providers, the need to adopt bingo promotions is ever increasing too. Irrespective of the game being played online or in the real world arenas, the bingo organisers have bought in several bingo promotions to attract the prospects towards their games.

Bingo Promotions

These bingo promotions are of various types. Some are targeted at making the already pro-active bingo player addicted further to the game, while some of these bingo promotions are designed to attract the bingo novice. A few popular and effective bingo promotions are listed below:-

  1. Free ticket - Here the bingo promoters offer the players a free ticket with a purchase of every, say five or ten tickets. Amongst the various bingo promotions, the free ticket is to lure the player into buying bulk tickets in order to gain that one extra free ticket with the purchase.
  2. Trial ticket on sign up - Bingo promotions of this kind are targeted at the new bingo player. A free play option is given to the player upon signing up for the online bingo game. The trial ticket is given to the new player free of cost and it enables the player to get a hang of the game without investing money in it.
  3. Bonus ticket - The bonus round of the game of bingo has a phenomenally large prize. Several bingo organisers offer the ticket to this bonus round free of cost to the bingo players on playing several other paid rounds for the regular prizes. Needless to say, this is one of the most popular bingo promotions amongst the players.
  4. Trips - There are a few bingo promotions which have not much to do with the tickets at all. Some bingo promoters will throw in a trip to a popular place (like say Disney Land) along with the air fare and accommodation facilities. All the player has to do is buy the ticket and play, to win this trip.
  5. Something for the loser - Amongst the various bingo promotions, there are a few meant for the loser too. Some bingo organisers promote the game by offering 50% cash back to randomly selected players who have not won a game in the last 24 hours. This leaves the flame of hope burning in the hearts of the loser too who sticks around till the end of the game in the hope of getting a 50 % refund on the tickets.
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