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Bingo Prizes

Bingo Prizes

Bingo is a number game, and like any other game it has winners and losers. The winners get to take home the prize, which maybe varied in nature, while the ones who loose have no such luck. While bingo has evolved drastically in the past few years, traditional bingo prizes still continue to form the crux of the game. There are several patterns and shapes for which players of bingo play, to add variety to the game. However the traditional bingo prizes are the ones which remain undisturbed like the rock of Gibraltar.

Bingo Prizes

Traditional bingo prizes follow two types of patterns. One is in the 90 ball game style and the other is the 75 ball game bingo. While online bingo has seen several variations in these two types of bingo, traditional bingo prizes are more fixed in nature.

In the 90 ball game pattern, there are four traditional bingo prizes.

  1. Top line - This prize is won when the player is able to strike off all the numbers that appear in the top row of the bingo ticket. The player who is the first one to do so takes home the bingo prize of the top line.
  2. Middle line - Similar to the top line is the traditional bingo prize of the middle line. The difference lies in the fact that here it is the numbers that appear in the middle line that have to be struck off before any other player.
  3. Bottom line - Continuing with the lines, we have the bottom line as another traditional bingo prize. Here the aim is to be the first one to strike off the numbers of the bottom line.
  4. Full house - This is one of the most popular traditional bingo prizes. While the lines are mostly all played for equal prize money, the full house involves a larger prize. When playing for a full house, the target is to be the first to strike off each and every number on the bingo ticket. Usually jackpots in traditional bingo prizes are associated with the full house.

In the 75 ball game, which is more popular in USA and also in online bingo scenarios the traditional bingo prizes are restricted. Here the player is playing only for the full house. The player who is able to strike off all the numbers on the ticket before anyone else in the game is the winner. While traditional bingo still follows this pattern, it is obvious this could get to be a boring game. Therefore bingo providers have added various bingo patterns that can be played for. This trend is especially prevalent in online bingo since it is very easy to play for a pattern on the computer screen as opposed to a paper ticket.

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