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Easy to use Bingo Interface at Jackpotjoy

The easy to use bingo interface at the Jackpotjoy online bingo site is definitely one of the draw cards of playing here. They make use of the Gamesys software platform, one of the most technologically superior gaming software developments available today. This enables online bingo players to enjoy a memorable bingo experience when using this interface.

Basically a bingo interface is the way in which the game is presented when playing, in other words, what you see on the screen. The Jackpotjoy online bingo interface couldn't be any easier to use. One of the most remarkable things about playing online bingo at Jackpotjoy is the fact that the interface allows the online bingo player to play bingo with a feature called auto daub. What it means is that the player purchases their tickets, with the click of the mouse button. Tickets appear before him and as the numbers are called they are automatically marked off the ticket. There is another drop down window on the bingo interface that allows players to chat with each other while the game is playing, and yet another games console allowing them to play other games such as slots and scratchcards.

Though it might appear to you that this is a complicated concept, it actually isn't at all the online bingo interface is extremely simple to use. If millions of people have grasped this concept then anyone can. It is as simple as one, two, three, click, click, click and you can see all three, bingo, mini games console and chat!

So in conclusion, don't be afraid when online bingo sites and people like me use the word ‘interface’, it is nothing more than a bit of techno-babble. It is not designed to confuse, and is merely a way of describing how the bingo game is presented. The easy to use interface at Jackpotjoy online bingo will have you up and playing like an online bingo aficionado in mere seconds, no fuss, no bother.