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Bingo in the News

Bingo in the News

The proceeds from the bingo industry are on a rise despite various video gaming arcades and casinos mushrooming in the past two decades. The popularity of the game has been so overwhelming that it is also offered on the net by several providers. With the change in the gambling laws allowing advertising, this service boomed even further with these online bingo providers drawing players by advertising freely.

Bingo in the News

But lately there has been some speculation about the authenticity of these sites. The US department of justice definitely feels that there is need for carrying out investigations on various providers, since chances of fraudulent sites is every prevalent. The unlawful internet gambling enforcement act (UIGEA) is taken up with fervor by the US department of justice and several sites will be randomly checked. The UIGEA was passed in 2006 and online bingo halls and game providers suffered a serious blow to their business. In fact many sites closed down in USA while continuing to operate in other nations. The terms and conditions of the act were so stringent that did not allow much room for the providers to maneuver within. Of course the government was hell bent on safeguarding the interests of their citizens since several underage kids also had easy access to these web sites.

However while several bingo providers put an end to their services in US while many providers continued to operate despite the implementation of UIGEA. Since the act was passed in 2006, the US department feels that it would be time to investigate if the bingo providers that are operating in the nation are following the act to the T.

This trend is likely to spill over in UK too. Of course the gambling laws in UK are different and therefore bingo providers need not panic. However, irrespective of the country, it is important for bingo online providers to ensure that they are operating within the laws of the land. Since the turnover of the online bingo industry is rising each year, it is most likely that the governments of the hosting nations will protect the players' rights. So going by the latest news, it is important for online bingo providers to check with the existing gambling laws and ensure that their business runs in accordance with them.

So be it UK or USA or for that matter any other part of the globe where these services are made available, bingo providers must adhere to the law of the land, if they wish to continue operations without disturbances.

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