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Bingo in Past News

Bingo in Past News

Bingo in past news areas has created several ripples. This began with the smoking ban being proposed last year. Despite the bingo association rallying against the ban severely, the partial ban did take effect last year. However sadly, this year a complete ban on smoking in public areas was passed in the house and it is anticipated that the bingo industry will loose out several million pounds with the smoking act being passed.

Bingo in Past News

The boost that bingo had received in the year 1960 due to the relaxation of the gaming laws seems to have been undone by the passing of the smoking ban. Since more than half of the bingo players are smokers too, the ban will affect the popularity of the game severely, especially in casinos and bingo halls.

While bingo in past news did seem heading for the downhill path, the bingo association still continues to work hard towards finding life saving techniques for the game. The bingo organisers were hoping hard to balance out the damage done by the smoking ban, by gaining a relaxation in the Value Added Tax on the game. However, they lost on this front too. Not only does the VAT on bingo remain but the Amusement Machine License Duty was also increased.

The damage reported to bingo in past news reports will be further enhanced by this development. Bingo players will have to face double tax duty and suffer the smoking ban too. This could severely affect the popularity of the game.

However, online bingo seems to be gaining popularity despite these damaging reports to bingo in past news as well as the recent ones. Online bingo organisers have realised that the appeal of the game is so much more when it is made available to players in the comfort of their homes. Mothers, youngsters and senior citizens can enjoy the game online along with maintaining the social aspect of the game.

One hopes that the damage described to bingo in past news reports will not be too great. If the online bingo games are able to cover up for the losses faced by the licensed bingo providers, then there is hope for the game. Instead of negative reports to bingo in the past news items, one hopes to see positive ones in the upcoming news reports. Phenomenal winners with their super success stories in the game of bingo are the kind of headlines that bingo players look forward to.

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