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Bingo Halls

Bingo Halls

Bingo Halls 'have evolved'

There have been a number of changes since the days of re-used cinemas and theatres.

Bingo halls have undergone something of a transformation through the ages.

The game, which has risen to be one of the favourite pastimes in the UK, originally began in the 16th century. However, its remit and appeal have expanded considerably since then and this has resulted in any number of people taking part in it.

Traditionally seen as a game more suited to older people, it is not afforded the same level of negativism associated with other forms of gambling. It is very often seen as a bit of fun and a night out, while the social aspect of it differentiates it from other types of betting.

However, the biggest step forward for the bingo hall has been the random number generating machines. They make it possible for large amounts of people to play bingo daily and have resulted in custom-built clubs appearing. By the year 2004, such was its popularity that more visitors went to bingo halls than to football matches.

Cherry Hosking, company secretary of the Bingo Association, observed the social aspect is what keeps the bingo fire burning. For many older players, it represents the chance to pop down to the local hall and spend some time with friends, with the chance of a cash prize at the end of it.

While the smoking ban was meant to strike the death knell for the local bingo hall, they have shown tremendous resilience and maintained the core of their players, Ms Hosking added. And they have erected moderators, which allow individuals to connect with fellow players.

Technology has been kind to the game, as premises can now pre-program the sessions, while flashboards mean even those struggling with their vision can still see what numbers are coming up. And when it comes to the offline and online debate, clubs will also be able to offer face-to-face interaction.

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