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Bingo Halls

The origin of the game of bingo dates way back to the 16th century. The game slowly moved up from being a household fun activity to acquiring a cult status. The development of bingo halls and clubs seemed to be the logical way for the game to go while moving towards commercialization. Initially bingo was used to raise funds for charities and therefore usually played in and around the church premises.

But it was Eric Morley who used the popularity of the game to put the large abandoned halls like movie theaters and dance halls, to use. With the advent of television several such halls were lying vacant and playing bingo in these halls served the dual purpose of providing an arena for the players and putting the space to good use. Since bingo has been spared the negativism associated with gambling, it was easy to promote the game via these bingo halls. Families including children and adults were attracted to the game and slowly bingo halls became a social gathering area where bingo was enjoyed by the neighborhood.

As technology boomed in, bingo halls also saw a transformation. The old redundant machines that looked rustic and also allowed games to be fixed were replaced by sophisticated random number generating machines. The popularity of these halls grew so rapidly that in the 1980's halls built specially to accommodate bingo needs started mushrooming. The first bingo hall came into being in Cardiff in Canton. In fact by the year 2004 it was estimated that more visitors went to bingo halls that to football matches.

Though internet bingo is fast gaining popularity this is not to say that bingo halls are falling behind. Bingo halls are seen as social interactive arenas that provide luxuries like food and drinks along with the pleasure of enjoying the game. Today a minimum of 1 to 2 flashboards and 1 to 2 bingo blowers form the essential equipment of these bingo halls. Modern blowers are computer operated and therefore are usually pre programmed to display games in a certain order, this is called a session. Flashboards help players to see the selected number with ease.

Whether the game of bingo added to the popularity of bingo halls or the other way round, is difficult to say. However, the one thing that is for sure is that millions of players thong to these bingo halls each day to enjoy the game and hopefully win too.