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Bingo Association

Bingo Association

With the gaming laws relaxing in UK, bingo stepped into the country in a big way. The organizers of the game soon realized that they need to form a trade association so as to be able to continue their activities with more ease. Thus the licensed dealers of bingo in UK formed a trade association by the name of Bingo Associations which runs efficiently to date.

Bingo Association

Apart from taking care of several aspects of the game, the Bingo Association assesses the various rebates that it can gain from the government in order to provide a push to the bingo industry. The initial only partial ban on smoking in bingo halls was a result of severe lobbing on the part of the Bingo Association. However, the Bingo Association lost out and the complete ban on smoking was executed by the government. Considering that statistics show that over 75% bingo players are smokers too, it seems that the bingo industry will face a severe setback due to this decision.

The Association had been trying to get a 10 million pound rebate from Gordon Brown, so as to balance out the ill effects that the smoking ban has had on the bingo industry. The Bingo Association was pining for the VAT rebate but was horrified to learn that not only did the VAT remain but the Amusement Machine License Duty was also increased. The Bingo Association however continues to fight against the double tax that the bingo players have been forced to pay.

Since the Bingo industry contributes largely to the treasury, the Bingo Association is able to take their demands forward to the government collectively. No doubt the association is working hard towards keeping the game of bingo alive so as to benefit both the players and the organisers.

In fact the effectiveness of the Bingo Association has been so large that the online bingo providers all over Europe have gotten together to form a similar association. This one goes by the name of Eubingo and even the Bingo Association of UK is a member of this European Bingo Association.

These Bingo Associations try to not only keep abreast of the gaming laws of their country but also how they affect the bingo industry. Further more they also try and procure the best possible package for the game from their respective governments. These associations play a significant role in informing the organizers about the various news and developments that the bingo industry is facing.

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